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The ability to better feel your mount can lend to an increased ability to anticipate your horse’s movements. The better a rider anticipates her horse’s movements, the more trophies line her wall! In order to meet our own high standards of creating the perfect close saddle comes, logically enough, with the slimming down of the saddle components. We achieve this by using only the finest Argentinian leather. We find the smooth, buttery leathers from Argentina rival those of Italy. You would be hard pressed to find the difference between the two. We also find the strength of the Argentine leather allows us to do a certain amount of slimming while continuing to maintain the integrity of the saddle.

‘Barnes Tack Room’ is the joining of our passion for horses combined with our obsession to apply the most advanced technological details to our saddles using components of the highest quality. We are a young business that strives to be able to demonstrate and deliver through our saddles, the knowledge, values, experience and dedication we invest in each and every product we design and build as if it were our only one. Additionally, we have access to a great team of experienced artisans who are committed to keeping the tradition of hand-crafting, 100% genuine leather, close fitting saddles alive. Allowing for our product recognition to grow organically, day by day.

We take full advantage of our access to this huge resource of an open source type of environment, filled with skillful and expert riders. With the help of these experts along with our own knowledge and experience, we strive to develop the very best, highest-quality saddles and tack on the market. The leather and stitching, as well as all of the ancillary materials we use are personally selected by us for every product we make. The forward momentum of the craft is alive and well and greatly improved with the new and improved materials that will significantly lighten the weight of our saddles. We think your horse will agree, when you’ve got to get a saddle, you’ve got to get a Barnes!

We want to say “Thank You” to all of you who, with your support, have helped us improve our merchandise so that today we can introduce ourselves to the equestrian market and the world.


Barnes tack room is dedicated to providing excellence in our quality and craftsmanship without compromising style. All of our products are made for the protection and safety of the horse and rider.


Our vision is for “Barnes Tack Room” to become the finest horse equipment provider while working to improve the quality of life for all horses through donating a portion of the profits from our products. As we move forward our desire is to support organizations that are involved with horse rescues and ensuring retired horses have a safe and a happy quality of life in their remaining years.

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