Saddle Description

Surnier is a close contact saddle with integrated panels creating a closer feel. Handcrafted with the finest hand-picked leathers and fancy stitching. Seat, skirts and flaps are covered with superior calfskin for excellent comfort and grip.

Flaps: The flaps are slightly padded, constructed with only the best hand-selected calfskin to provide closer contact with the horse and to ensure a firm, non-slip, grip for the safety of the rider. We also offer advanced flaps for the taller rider. Flaps are offered in four sizes. These different sizes, depending on the weight, height and length of the rider allows the possibility of choosing a custom made saddle.

Advanced – 15″ wide 14.5″ length
Semi-Advanced – 14.5 wide 14.5 length
Standard – 14″ wide 14.5 length
Small – 13″ wide 14 length

Seat: The seat is made using only the finest calfskin liner as the comfort and safety of the rider, as always, is our top priority. Seats offered from 16.5 to 18 depending upon the height of the rider.

Blocks: The front and rear blocks are made with a light-weight, precast, latex foam to lighten the overall weight of the saddles offering a distinctive shape for each model.

Saddle Tree

Our saddle trees are flexible, memory fiber reinforced with steel bars placed in areas that are exposed to stress. In addition to acting as reinforcements, the steel bars also have the elasticity to return to its original form after having been exposed to the stress of a mounted rider.

Panels: The panels play a very important role in achieving the ultimate effect between horse and rider. Our panels are designed ergonomically to protect the horse’s body and, at the same time to protect the safety of the rider. Panels are panels are always wool flocked

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