English Saddle & Tack

Barnes Tack Room specializes in handcrafted English saddles and tack for the women rider. Our passion for horses and obsession for cutting edge technology, combined with a keen eye for quality detailing, lead us to develop the very best saddle and tack on the market today.

We have a great team of experienced artisans that are committed to keeping the tradition of hand-crafting, 100% genuine leather, close fitting saddles alive.

Introducing Sauter

Sauter is a close contact saddle handcrafted with the finest hand-picked leathers and fancy stitching . Seat and knee rolls are constructed using an attractive perforated leather which provides a better grip. Skirt and flaps are made with pull up leather, requiring less maintenance and care.

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Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind all of our products. Guaranteed Satisfaction with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

4 Year Warranty

Our saddles come with a 4 year warranty on the saddle trees and 1 year on leathers and craftsmanship.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for all saddles and tack to the lower 48 contiguous United States.

Meet Surnier

Surnier is a close contact saddle with integrated panels creating a closer feel. Handcrafted with the finest hand selected leathers and fancy stitching. Seat, skirts and flaps are covered with superior calfskin for excellent comfort and grip.

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All of our tack is made of specially hand-picked leather, with the same rigorous attention to detail that we apply towards the construction of our saddles. Our tack is ergonomically and artfully constructed to provide the utmost comfort to horse and rider.

Barnes Belly Guard Girth

Barnes belly guard girth is filled with thick foam to provide the best comfort and protection to the horse.

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Barnes Hunter Girth

Barnes hunter girth molds to the horse’s rib cage and is filled with foam at the breastbone. Side fasteners are of excellent quality.

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Jumper Bridle

Our Jumper Bridle with hand selected leathers for a more clean and simple look without losing style.

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French Style Bridle

Our french style bridle is designed with our quality hand-picked leathers, offering supreme comfort.

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Barnes Hunter Bridle

Our Hunter bridle is made with hand selected leathers for a unique look and quality. Flash noseband with padded calfskin liner.

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Breastplate 3 Point Martingale

This fine and elegant three point breastplate is specially designed for comfort and liberty of your horse’s movements.

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Breastplate 5 Point Martingale

Combine the action of a breastplate and a collar with our five point breastplate martingale.

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Leather Stirrups

Our leather stirrups offer extremely soft calfskin ensuring damage free flaps every time. Extra strength and durability.

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Web Rubber Reins

Our web rubber reins are handcrafted with the finest leather. Offers a comfortable more secure grip.

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Laced Reins

Our laced reins are handcrafted with hand-picked leathers making these reins stylish with excellent grip and comfort.

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We’re here to help in any way possible. If you have questions about any of our saddles or tack, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.