About Barnes

Nearly a decade ago, owner of Barnes Tack Room, Robert Barnes and his friends started The Polo Club on The Big Island of Hawaii. Not soon after, Robert began bringing handcrafted Polo tack back from Argentina for his teammates to ride in. This desire to have and share something better for hardworking horses, blossomed into what Barnes Tack Room is today. 

In August of 2016, Robert launched Barnes Tack Room as on online platform directed at amateur and professional riders of the Hunter/Jumper world. Things took off during the launch in November, when the company collaborated to find its first ambassadors through Heels Down Magazine. Instantly, the Sauter Saddle picked up a buzz, along with a flurry of respondents for positions. Over the following years, the team traveled to shows such as Thermal and Land Rover where they were best able to showcase the quality of their products. The reaction to hands-on exposure to the tack encouraged the formation of the Trial Program; one where we work with any fitter to ensure fit and comfort of all our saddles. Mid to late 2018, the Valor and Debonaire saddles launched, bridging the gap of Hunters and Jumpers to Cross Country, Dressage, and Eventing. 

From the start, Robert has worked with a long-time friend and workshop owner, in Argentina, to ensure incredible quality and diligent care of every piece of tack; source to customer. Keeping the company small has allowed for less waste and lower costs, therefore keeping products affordable and the company ethical. Today, quality, custom tack at an affordable price is the primary focus. 


At Barnes Tack Room, we are interested in getting you and your horse the best fit and comfort possible, right from the start and every time.