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Dressage Debonaire Trial

Dressage Debonaire Trial

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Our dressage saddle, Debonaire, is elegantly designed for a classic look as well as a comfortable fit. Imagine heading down centerline in immaculate comfort and connection. Feeling the most subtle of movements has never been so easy while mounted in a saddle. Our billets are ergonomically placed to maximize movement of the horse but, minimize movement of the saddle. The panels are always wool flocked, the gullet set to your horses needs, and the tree selected for both horse and rider. Our seat is exceptionally comfortable without being over padded. The mono flap design is strategically crafted for a close contact feel with comfort. We made the rolls long and wide to promote a relaxed, correct position.  Traditionally made with a deep seat, draped in traditional black calfskin leather, and non-contrast stitching. Buyers have the choice to customize stitching, binding, flap length (15” or 16”), seat size, as well as logo style (embossed or sewn). Please contact for additional details and options. 

About the Trial: You pay the full price of the saddle, plus shipping. After your receive the the saddle, the trial period begins, at which time you'll have 7 days to get all the details you need. Please take the time to ride in the saddle and to have your fitter out. We are available to work with your selected saddle fitter to ensure we have all the necessary information to create your perfect saddle. You must box up and return on the 8th day. Postmark from the carrier must indicate on or before the deadline. Once the saddle is in transit, you and the Barnes Team will be notified. After we receive the saddle back, we will assess any damage to the tack and will address the situation accordingly. If for whatever reason you decide not to go ahead and purchase your custom saddle, we will reimburse you the full price of the saddle.

All trial saddles are 17.5" seats and standard trees. The Debonaire is a monoflap saddle with a long billeting system. 

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