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Sauter Saddle

Sauter Saddle

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The Sauter Saddle is a modern twist on a traditional close contact saddle. Handcrafted with the finest leathers and decorated with modern fancy stitching, the Sauter's sleek and fun design has become our most popular in the line up. For extra grip while soaring over jumps, the seat and knee roll are made with perforated leather. Our unique skirt and flaps are made with pull up, another genuine, handpicked leather, this time submerged in oils for a six month period, making maintenance minimum. 

Saddle Tree: Our tree is hand molded in polyurethane for ultimate flexibility and comfort for the horse, while also being strong enough to support the rider and build the panels off of. 

Panels: Excellent panels are essential to the health of a horse's back. This is why we offer two forms of panels, soft foam or long lasting synthetic wool. The performance between the two are extremely similar, however, foam is better suited for saddles on multiple horses. We also offer two styles of panels, French or Standard, both of which are stylistic preference. French panels are thinner while our Standard panels are thicker. Regardless of your preferences, all Barnes saddles are designed to support and protect your horse specifically. We highly recommend working with your saddle fitter to get the appropriate width of your panels.

Flaps: All Barnes saddles are made with flaps custom to the rider's wants and needs, including placement of our latex foam blocks at the rear and front. We have standard dimensions as well as custom shapes that we can collaborate with your fitter over. All of our flaps are ergonomically designed and thoughtfully crafted for contact with the horse. We highly recommend sending photos with measurements, as well as working with a fitter, in order to get your ideal saddle flaps. 

Seat: Always made with the rider in mind, we create every seat with the most comfortable, yet connected ride possible. Seats range from 16.5 to 18 depending on the build/height of the rider. 

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