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Sauter Saddle Trial

Sauter Saddle Trial

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The Sauter Saddle is a modern twist on a traditional close contact saddle. Handcrafted with the finest leathers and decorated with modern fancy stitching, the Sauter's sleek and fun design has become our most popular in the line up. For extra grip while soaring over jumps, the seat and knee roll are made with perforated leather. Our unique skirt and flaps are made with pull up, another genuine, handpicked leather, this time submerged in oils for a six month period, making maintenance minimum. 

About the Trial: You pay the full price of the saddle, plus shipping. After your receive the the saddle, the trial period begins, at which time you'll have 7 days to get all the details you need. Please take the time to ride in the saddle and to have your fitter out. We are available to work with your selected saddle fitter to ensure we have all the necessary information to create your perfect saddle. You must box up and return on the 8th day. Postmark from the carrier must indicate on or before the deadline. Once the saddle is in transit, you and the Barnes Team will be notified. After we receive the saddle back, we will assess any damage to the tack and will address the situation accordingly. If for whatever reason you decide not to go ahead and purchase your custom saddle, we will reimburse you the full price of the saddle.

All trial saddles are 17.5" seats and standard trees. The Sauter is a dual-flap, standard billet saddle. 

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